Sunday, December 9, 2018


Good Evening Family,

   That is what all of you who have followed me, encouraged me, liked my photos, shared my posts and asked of me to share in this art form with you have become.
   Life is full of seasons. They begin as ideas and burst into buds of life. From the starts of life blooms amazing things. This time in my life has been amazing. I have met many wonderful people, shared in  memories, smiles and tears. I have grown, been encouraged, loved, been loved and simply enjoyed laughter with those I now consider friends.
   As we began the fall season this year my life became a reflection of this season. As leaves began to fall and summer faded I realized that my time with photography as pursuit was changing, waning. I had a major life change in taking on the job of secretary at my church. With my children now both in school I also am looking to spend more time with them when they are home, not less.
   I have loved what photography brought to my life. It has made me who I am today. It has given me a purpose and a passion. I am blessed to have grown in this skill and art.
   Yet, the time has come for it to fade in my life. To become a reason to bring my camera out and enjoy photographing my family, my life and the world around me. It is a season for me to say goodnight to a name, a brand, a business. To thank all those who have been a part of this journey. You are near and dear to my heart always.
   I will miss it in many ways, it will always be a passion. But, fall is ending and a season of renewal is needed.
   Goodbye "Impressions by April" and photography world, you've been good to me. I have enjoyed our time together. You may yet return, but I am grateful for our time and for a much needed time of restoration.
  Much Love and Gratitude,

  April Wilder